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Mountaineer Safe is nonprofit organization that has been created to provide the community of Morgantown WV with a much needed cheap Safe Ride program. That will rid the streets of drunk drivers.

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"Knocking Out Drunk driving"

Booking a Safe Ride is as easy as calling or Texting... 304-777-9996 reservations are encouraged 


Open 7 days a week at 10pm-4am or UNTIL EVERYONE is home safe...


                       $10 pick up fee                    

                     $3 per mile                         

                       $1 per stoppage/wait time


Thanks for your support

Mona Dist. Company

CAll Safe Ride or call Frank Walker

to get you out of Jail...



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2500 Cranberry Square Morgantown WV 26508


What is Dub V Safe RIde?

Dub V Safe Ride is a designated driver service that drives INTOXICATED patrons home in their own vehicle... Let us explain!

  1. YOu drive your car to a bar, club, party, RESTAURANT, etc.

  2. YOu have one too many drinks to drive legally.

  3. you call or text 304-777-9996 and set up an appointment for a designated driver.

  4. two designated drivers show up in a safe ride car.

  5. one drives your car while the other follows behind.

  6. now you hAVE your car home legally,morally, and safely. 

Safe Ride Resturants of THE week

We are now a chartiable 501-c3 organization.

If you would like to donate to Safe Ride to help battle the war on drunk driving, here in Morgantown, please click on the DONate button below. Remember you do not have to donate money, the best gift of all is your time. For any questions, comments, or concerns call or text 304-777-9996 or email


Safe Ride Events and news 

Safe Ride is now a tax exempt charitable ORGANIZATION. safe ride just PARTNERED with Mona Dist. Company (BUDWEISer distributor) for Morgantown AND THE SURROUNDING AREAs.  

Safe Ride, INC has recently became a tax-exempt organization, to reduce the cost of services for customers to reduce the amount of drunk drivers on the street.



If you have an event or news you would like us to post, reach us on social media or email

Safe Ride has PARTNERED  with BUDWEISER  to make the roadways of morgantown safer...

Click Here to find our Sponsors who donate to make Morgantown's roads safer...